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Eviction Mediation Program

DuPage County Eviction Mediation Program

The 18th Judicial Circuit eviction mediation program is designed to help mitigate the surge of evictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ensuing economic fallout. Its chief goal is to assist tenants and landlords in avoiding residential eviction and pursuing mutually beneficial alternatives. The program seeks to avoid exposing DuPage County families to homelessness during a serious health crisis, while also helping landlords mitigate losses during the extraordinary circumstances that have precipitated the need for this program. Finally, it is also designed to aid the administration of justice by promoting judicial efficiency.

Mediation Can Help You Avoid Eviction

Mediation is a process where a neutral third party, a trained mediator, helps landlords and tenants communicate to resolve issues through voluntary, mutual agreement. Both parties can speak with legal and housing counseling agencies to gather resources and better prepare for mediation. If you have an attorney, they may attend the mediation with you. This program is free, confidential, and available to tenants and landlords in DuPage County. If you reach an agreement in mediation, you can then enter that agreement in court. If you do not reach an agreement through mediation, your court case will proceed.

Learn more about the Eviction Mediation Process by watching this short video clip:

Resources and Common Questions
Interested in serving as a mediator?

If you are interested in serving as a and meet the requirements as outlined in Local Court Rule 14 Part 2, please email your Mediator Resume to and complete the online application

  • There are no training sessions scheduled at this time however; if you are interested in signing up for our next training please email and we will add you to our list of interested mediators. When we have a training date we will email those interested with the a save-the-date.
  • For questions about serving as a mediator please email
Need help filing an order for Eviction Mediation?

If the Judge has ordered mediation in your case and requested you to fill out the Eviction Mediation Order. Below are directions to find the Eviction mediation Order in E-access under Electronic Orders. Please follow these steps when completing the order:

  1. Select the option for the mediation to occur over Zoom (no in-person mediations are occurring at this time).
  2. Fill in both the email and phone number for the Defendant and Plaintiff. This information is provided in Court and is essential for the Mediation Center in order to contact both parties prior to Mediation Date. The Judge will ask both parties for their contact information and if they do not, you must find it and complete it in the order.
  3. Fill in the Property Address.
  4. Pick a Mediation Date and Time from the drop-down box. This the date and time is assigned to the parties by the Judge only, you must get a date/time/appointment only from the Judge.
  5. Pick a Post-Mediation Status Date and Time. This date is also agreed upon in Court and assigned by the Judge.

If you are unable to find the Eviction Mediation Order on Eaccess, it is likely because you do not have an appearance on file and/or you do not have the security clearance to see an impounded case. 

If you do not have the security clearance, please contact the Mediation Center so we can assist you further. You call us at 630-407-8807 or contact us by email at

If you are having trouble with Eaccess please contact the Clerk’s office; you can also access their help guide.

Learn about Rental and Housing Assistance

DuPage County Community Services - call 630-407-6500 or email Health and Social Resources

If you have a case in eviction court include your case number when calling or emailing the above. DuPage County Community Services can help you with applying & tracking IHDA grant applications Illinois Housing Help is Here! (rental assistance, housing).

Legal information for landlords and tenants on how to file, defend, and understand eviction
Access court forms and rules regarding Eviction Mediation

Pursuant to Local Court Rule Section 14 Part 2, all filings must provide Notice of the Eviction Mediation Program. Notice is described in the Local Court Rule Section 14 Part 2.

View the Notice Brochure in Residential Eviction Cases as outlined in Local Court Rule 14.23(a) Notice Brochure of Resources as outlined in Local Court Rule 14.23.

Cases are ordered to mediation per the judge's discretion as outlined in the Local Court Rules Section 14 Part 2.

For information about online access to court records, e-filing information, and forms, contact the DuPage County Circuit Court.

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