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Cell Phones and Security

Security Information

The following items are not allowed in the Courthouse

  • Cameras or video equipment of any kind, including camera phones
  • Knives or sharp objects of any kind
  • Non-functioning electronics or detachable stereo faceplates
  • Aerosols, flammable or caustic substances
  • Silverware, razors, or biohazard materials
  • Tools of any kind
  • Firearms or explosive devices
  • Any item that may pose a potential security risk to the Courthouse or its occupants, as determined by Court Security personnel.

Lockers are located on the first floor of the 509 parking garage to store small electronic devices. 

Attorneys may bring cellphones and laptops equipped with cameras into the Judicial Office Facility upon presentation of a photo ID and a valid ARDC card.

Note: Court Security does not issue receipts for prohibited items. These items must be removed from the facility.

All persons entering the courthouse are subject to search.

Courthouse Screening Process

Generally, it is recommended to arrive at the DuPage County Judicial Facility (Courthouse) a minimum of 45 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  This will normally provide sufficient time to enter the facility, go through the security screening process, and report to your assigned court room or to visit one of the many departments located within the facility. The security screening process is very similar to that of passing through airport security.  All visitors entering the facility will be screened through the use of magnetometers and items will be x-rayed.

However, the screening process time can be greatly impeded during times of inclement weather, the weeks preceding and following holidays, and the first two months of the new year. With this in mind, it is recommended that you allow yourself sufficient extra time if you have a scheduled court time or appointment.

Possession of prohibited items will also delay your entry into the facility, especially cellular phones with cameras. A limited number of free lockers are provided on the first floor of the courthouse parking garage and the bus stop west of the 503 building.

Circuit Court Rule


(a)  Pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 63A(8)(7), amended February 2, 2017, except as provided in the Illinois Supreme Court Policy for extended Media Coverage in the Circuit Courts of Illinois, it is hereby ordered that the taking of photographs, audio or video recordings, or broadcasting by radio, television or other electronic means, in connection with any judicial proceeding, in any courtroom or in areas immediately adjacent to any courtroom, including public hallways, of any courthouse of this circuit are prohibited.  This prohibition includes the audio or video transmissions, or recordings of judicial proceedings made by laptop computers, tablets, cellular telephones and other wired or wireless data transmission and recording devices. To effectuate the purpose of this rule, such devices are prohibited in the Courthouse, except as provided in this rule.

(b)  Anyone found using equipment to record or transmit court proceedings in violation of this rule shall be subject to prosecution for Contempt.

(c)  Access to the Judicial Office Facility shall not be denied to the following persons possessing cellular telephones, laptop computers, tablets and other wired or wireless data transmission and recording devices. equipped with cameras or recording capabilities:

  1. Judicial Office Facility employees with DuPage County-issued identification badges;
  2. Licensed attorneys who have been issued DuPage County identification badges;
  3. Licensed attorneys upon presentation of a current valid Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission card along with photo ID;
  4. Jurors upon presentation of a valid Jury Summons or jury badge.  Jurors will be allowed to bring cellular telephones, tablets, laptop computers and other wired or wireless data transmission devices equipped with cameras or recording capabilities into the jury lounge area of the Judicial Office Facility, but will be denied access to those devices once selected for voir dire or service on a jury.
  5. Other authorized personnel approved by the Sheriff's Office.
  6. Persons authorized by a judge with a court order specifying the type of equipment to be permitted into the courthouse and for what time period.

Except for #6 above, nothing in the rule shall impinge on the authority of the Sheriff of DuPage County to deny access to any person possessing cellular telephones, laptop computers and other wired or wireless transmission and recording devices in the interest of preserving public safety. (amended 08/01/10)

(d)  The provisions of Rule 1.30 (a) and (b), shall apply with regard to court proceedings, except that:

  1. Court Reporting Services Employees may make recordings of courtroom proceedings in the performance of their regular duties;
  2. Incidental to ceremonial proceedings, any judge of this circuit, with the permission of their Presiding Judge or the Chief Judge may permit the taking of photographs, audio or video recordings, and broadcasting by radio and television, within the area of the judge's courtroom, chambers or court offices;
  3. Security cameras to monitor the safety of the facility are allowed in the Courthouse. These are to be installed and monitored by authorized County Employees only.
  4. In special circumstances as authorized by the Chief Judge.

(e)  The purpose of this rule is to implement the provisions of the Supreme Court Rules and for the orderly administration of justice.  Rule 1.30 shall not be applied in such a way as to conflict with any Supreme Court Rule.

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