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Disability Access

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Office of the Chief Judge 630-407-8825

Access to the Court for People with Disabilities

The Eighteenth Judicial Circuit of Illinois is proactive in providing equal access to the court for people with disabilities. The following are some of the initiatives provided by the court.

Requests for Accommodations

Requests for accommodations can be directed to Court Disability Coordinator - 18th Judicial Circuit 
Office of the Chief Judge
505 N. County Farm Road
Wheaton, IL 60187

Phone: 630-407-8825 Email:

You may fill out the Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form listed below to make a request via email. 

Forms for Request for Accommodation under the ADA

Assisted Listening Devices for Courtrooms

Each courtroom can be equipped with a Sennheiser Infrared Assistive Listening System. This system includes a stationary IR Emitter unit and portable infrared receivers with lightweight headphones. Contact the Court Disability Coordinator, Jury Commission, or Court Administration to have a device placed in the courtroom.

Building Access and Accommodations

The buildings and facilities used by the courts are fully compliant with barriers and signage requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tablets with VRI (Video Remote Interpreting) Services

In DuPage County, we have several portable devices that can utilize VRI services. These devices can be found  in the Chief Judges Office.

Real-time Court Reporters for a Person with a Hearing Impairment - Available upon Request

Court Reporters capable of real-time captioning are available by prior arrangement, in court cases involving hearing-impaired participants. Through this technology, the court reporter's symbols are fed into the computer which are then translated into the English language and appear on the computer screen to allow the deaf or hearing-impaired person to read the testimony as it is being given in the Court proceeding.

Reserved Accessible Parking

There are numerous reserved parking spaces located within easy access near the entrances to our facilities.

Sign Language Interpreters

Whenever a person with a hearing impairment is party to any legal proceeding, chosen as a juror, or called as a witness, the Court in all instances appoints a qualified, nationally certified interpreter of sign language to interpret the proceedings. In the case of a hearing impaired juror, the interpreter shall be available throughout the actual trial and may accompany and communicate with such juror throughout any period during which the jury is sequestered or engaged in its deliberations.

Website ADA Compliance

We are working to make our website compliant with the 36 CFR Part 1194, Section 508, Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.

Wheelchair - Available upon Request

Wheelchairs are available in the DuPage County Courthouse on a first come, first serve basis. If you have questions please contact the DuPage County Courthouse Security Desk at (630) 407-2014.

The court is open to your suggestions to enhance your access to our facilities and services. Please email your comments and suggestions for the court to:

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