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Court Interpreter Services

To ensure equal access to the courts for all persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP), the 18th Judicial Circuit Court will provide court interpreters to facilitate the participation in court proceedings.

The services of foreign language interpreters are provided at no cost to the individual in need of the service.

IMPORTANT: You cannot contact the Interpreter Coordinator directly to request the services of a foreign language interpreter prior to coming to court.

If the Court determines that the services of an interpreter are necessary, an order appointing one will be entered.  The Interpreter Coordinator will be notified on your behalf.

The 18th Judicial Circuit Court employs 3 full time and 3 part time Spanish Court Interpreters.  Telephonic and contract interpreters are used for all other languages.

In addition to courtrooms, interpreters are provided for Probation, Mediation and other court-mandated programs.

To put an interpreter request in writing and have it filed with the Clerk please follow the link below.  This form must also be approved and signed by a judge.

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